P.G. Diploma in `Counseling Practitioner Certificate`

P.G. Diploma 'Counseling Practitioner Certificate'

Counseling has historically been known as a ‘talking therapy’ that allows an individual to discuss their human experience in a safe and confidential environment. Studying counseling at practitioner level is about embodying the principles that underpin this time-proven method of helping people. Student will develop person-centered counseling skills and also gain deep insights into the driving forces that motivate human behavior. This certified training delves the heart of traditional person-centered counseling and focuses on facilitating profound personal change on the level of identity beliefs, personal values and priorities. It will include theoretical frameworks, people skills, and communication patterns that enable significant transformation in counseling clients. The course sections are designed to enable students to increase their self-awareness by analyzing and evaluating the impact that counseling theory and practice on self and relationships. It is also suitable for those who want to enhance their professional role through the use of counseling skills. The main objective of this course is to familiarize students with a holistic framework for counseling practice.  
Centering on the relational connection between counselor and client, this course combines a theoretical framework with the vital communication skills that underpin a sustainable, lasting transformation in clients. By the end of the course, student will be able to understand the most pragmatic ideologies and techniques that top counseling practitioners use to facilitate positive change in them and the clients whom they serve.

Major highlights of course:
To learn how to establish a relationship using counseling skills.
Know how an ethical framework relates to the use of counseling skills.
Apply the main ideologies and theoretical approaches to counseling.
Creating best setting in which counseling skills can be used.
Building structure for succession of counseling sessions with a client.
Conduction of counseling sessions with clients in an effective way.
Evaluation of the impact that counseling theory has on self & others.
Gain in-depth knowledge of using counseling skills in everyday life and work.
Implications of counseling skills which can be used to positively influence behavior in others.
To improve communication skills that caliber in everyday relationships.
Become familiar with the core issues presented in counseling and methods to approach them.
Understand the importance of self-development, reflecting on sessions and being aware as a counselor.
Learning to decode other people’s verbal and non-verbal communications.


The minimum educational qualification for admission under this scheme will be M.A./ M.Sc in
         Psychology  from any recognized university.

Only for Female Candidates.