1. Teachers should uphold the academic integrity and dignity of the institution.
  2. Teachers are expected to follow the rules, regulations and notice of the college authority.
  3. Teachers are expected to be fully devoted to teaching and learning, they should be ICT enabled and updated in their knowledge.
  4. Teachers should abide by the college timings strictly and they should take the prior approval of leave from concerned authority.
  5. Teachers should ensure that students attendances are taken on daily basis, syllabuses are completed in stipulated time and the sessional/ practical. dissertations are taken in a very objective and transparent manner.
  6. Teachers should maintain a good communication with students in all possible ways. Teachers are mentors of students and should be available to attend to their grievances in college hours.
  7. Teachers should be ready to take additional duty assigned by the head of the institution before and after college hours.
  8. Teachers should follow college rules for leave, promotions, career advancements, retirements, holidays etc.