1. Principal being the head of the college is answerable for all academic, financial and administrative activities of the institute.
  2. Principal must ensure that the academic calendar, time table and examination schedule etc. are being followed in the college.
  3. Principal ensures short and long term development, sustainable quality improvement, maintaining support services and academic facilities of the college.
  4. Principal shows commitment to academic excellence, faculty development and student satisfaction to attain the objective of higher education.
  5. Principal encourages continuous interactions with all the stakeholders, facilitates student placements.
  6. Principal approves financial estimates, accounts and audit reports and maintains necessary records of the same.
  7. Principal seeks feedback from students and all the concerned stakeholders and plans accordingly to incorporate the suggestions or the upliftment of institution's image in the society.
  8. Principal ensures students welfare by the implementation of anti-ragging rules, hygiene care, safety rules etc.
  9. Principal leads for the accreditation activities of the institute for various quality standards.