Vision-Mission (NAAC & IQAC)



IQAC aims to enhance the quality of academic and administrative performance of the institution, also ensures significant growth and achievements in all aspects of the institution.


  1. To ensure periodic assessment of the teaching – learning, research and extension activities in the institution.
  2. To help in promoting conducive environment for quality teaching and learning in the institution.
  3. To facilitate faculty maturation to adopt knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process.
  4. To ensure development of institutional database and documentation of various activities leading to quality improvement.
  5. To collaborate with other stakeholders for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.
  6. To inculcate research culture among staff & students.
  7. To motivate departments to organize more Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.
  8. Arrangement for Feedback response from Students, Alumnae, Parents and other Stakeholders.
  9. Documentation of various programmes / activities leading to quality improvement.